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The Crosspad
From the Art Casting Journal January 2000

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Buff & Shine Pads, Mandrels, & Mini Demo Packet
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Crosspads, some say the most valuable tool in the art foundry. Made of abrasive cloth and attached to die grinders, their used to chase metal. You know, make it smooth. Crosspads are typically manufactured in 2”
and 3” sizes, and are available in four various grits; 80, 120, 180 and 320. Although other sizes and grits are available, these seem to be the most popular. Crosspads are used with a ¼” die grinder of your choice. Although a unit with 20,000 RPM maximum is probably going to give the operator the best performance, higher RPM's destroy the pads faster, The ¼” arbor is chucked into the air tool and from this point on no other tools are required to change pads; simply twist them on and off by hand.
Crosspads are excellent and some would say indispensable, but not for all of the grinding work. Weld work areas needing flattened should be ground down to a reference point with a carbide burr, high speed steel or abrasive bit, then proceed with an 80 grit crosspad to flatten and smooth down an area. From this point on continue with the 120 through the 320 grit to obtain the desired affect.
Crosspad use
The best angle to use the crosspad.
To obtain a flat, smooth area use the largest size crosspad possible for the area being worked. Apply enough pressure to flatten the crosspad to the surface using the front or backside of the pad. For best results slow the speed of the die grinder down until the pad becomes more flexible.

The edge of the crosspad is best for working grooves when it is required to get down into low-lying areas. The edge of the pad can be trimmed to allow more flexibility on finer detailed areas. So be sure to save used pads for trimming later for use on those hard to get to areas.

Trimming Crosspad
By using Sheet Metal
Cutters to trim up the rough edges of the Crosspad you can cut the edge you want for those tough jobs or keep the Crosspad usable right down to the rivet! 

Trimming with Metal Shears
Varying states of the Crosspad

The picture on the
left shows the crosspad in various states of use. On the right a trimmed up Crosspad right down to the rivet getting into those tight places.

A Trimmed up Crosspad doing the hard to get places
The rotation of the crosspad is critical in maintaining a sharp edge. Remember, to sharpen an edge. Always use the flat surface of pad and make sure the rotation leaves the edge, rather than cutting into it.

For those of you who have not used crosspads, give them a try, we think you’ll agree this is a little item that will soon become on of your favorite and more versatile tools.

Crosspads are the only method on the market today that will follow contour, and provide equal material removal from surfaces effectively.
Crosspad in the GroveGrinding in the groove with a crosspad

Buff & Shine Pads
Buff & Shine Pads

World Wide Abrasives latest Innovation!

Constructed from the same basic solid concepts as the Crosspad, Buff & Shine Pads add the final polish to your projects. The same principles for care and use apply to the Buff & Shine Pads as do the Crosspads detailed above. Buff & Shine Pads come in three different grits: Fine, Medium, & Coarse.

The picture to the right shows the Buff & Shine in various states of use, from brand new (top) to slightly used (middle) to definitely been around the block (bottom). And of course you can use these pads right down to the rivet!



Quick Change Mandrels come in two lengths:

2&1/2 inches

4 inches

Mandrels on display
Close up of Mandrel
Mandrels connect to any hand drill, air grinder, or Dremel Tool. The threaded end of the mandrel connects to the Crosspad or
Buff & Shine Pads
Hand drills, air grinders, and dremel tools

Mini Demo Packet
Demo Pack
Each Packet contains:



One each 2 x 2 x ¾ Crosspad
80 grit
120 grit
180 grit
320 grit
One Fine grit Buff & Shine padOne 2½ inch Quick Change Mandrel
8/32 thread, ¼ inch shank.
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